Pushing humanity forward by linking science and business

We started 2016 as a vehicle for change. We want to push humanity forward by linking science and business. Our goal is to connect life science and materials science research with entrepreneurs, global companies, opinion makers and investors. The Bridge is a place where new business is born. It is a place for change and a call to action.

Join us!

Each year we choose two of the sustainable development goals declared by the UN – and concentrate all available means to explore the challenges connected to these goals. This year, we will focus on Good Health & Well-being and Sustainable Cities & Communities.

The Bridge offers both digital and physical forums where people from all over the world can connect and turn problems into possibilities. Over the year different activities and actions will be undertaken. The collaborative achievements will be presented during The Bridge Summit in Copenhagen, August 22–23.

The Bridge reaches out to thought leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists and companies that want to discuss, innovate and be part of the solutions to the chosen sustainable development goals. We produce a monthly newsletter, arrange meetings (for exempel our new series ”The Bridge Talk”) and are involved in a wide range of projects that started at last years summit. One of these – about creating a sustainable fashion industry, took us to Cop22 in Marrakech, where we had our own Side Event.

The Bridge was initiated by Invest in Skåne and Medicon Village, in close collaboration with the state of the art research-centers MAX IV Laboratory and ESS, Region Huvudstaden (Copenhagen region) and Collodial Resources. The Bridge is supported by several important stakeholders such as RISE, Region Skåne, Material Business Center, Science Village, Medicon Valley Alliance and Mobile Heights.