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Are you ready to try a solution to Copenhagens air pollution?

While visiting The Bridge you get 30 free minutes behind the wheels of an electric car with Green Mobility. Copenhagen has since 2010 exceeded the limits set for Nitrogen dioxide (NO2). NO2 is mainly an exhaust of old diesel fuelled vehicles. In spite of CO2-neutral gas buses on the busiest...
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The Bridge Talk #2: Mikael Karlsson!

The Bridge Talk #2 is about climate change and business and how to turn a threat into possibilities. You will meet Mikael Karlsson, senior advisor at 2050, co-president of the European Environmental Bureau, and former chairman of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Watch the video here!

Tech tools for healthier kids

Can tech tools help child obesity? Skåne’s fattest 4-year olds may find this true. In a new project master students prototype pulse readers for preschool kids to keep them moving.  In Örkelljunga municipality, we find Skåne’s fattest 4-year olds. A multi-helix project called Hälsoförskolan (Health for preschool) was started to...
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Conservative health care systems – a threat to development

Look out. Chances are that a billion people in Asia, Africa and South America with an under-developed health care system will combine genomics and healthcare data way sooner than rich countries with rigid systems.  – The western worldview of healthcare is a hundred years old and conservative, says The Bridge...
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Bright lights, big city and smart sensors

As a city grows, it also needs more resources. Since resources are limited, we need to get smart about the urbanisation. Ecology, technology and sociology are now fusing to create the sustainable city. According to UN, the largest immigration, 95 per cent, is taking place in developing countries, but western...
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Guardians of sustainability

”If I could buy an Elsa-doll for my kid, made of sugarcane-based plastics, instead of oil-based plastic, I would certainly pay the higher price” says Per Simonsson, CEO of Sustainable Business Hub. A McKinsey report from 2015 states that the renewables sector is more resilient than ever: global clean energy...
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How global challenges become local advantages

Kalundborg city in Denmark is an outstanding example of industrial symbiosis – a place where a company’s waste is another company resource in a closed cycle. It has been so for the last 25 years. How is it that the rest of the world is catching on circular economy way...
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Waste nothing, recycle everything – the basis of cyclic economy

“You can only be carbon neutral if you don’t exist” said Michael Braungart during The Bridge Talk #1 in Malmö. Braungart is a German chemist who is trying to reinvent the productive model of humanity. He has talked several times at TEDx-meetings around the world, explaining what environmentalist are doing...
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Dress for success – in sustainable materials

In the textile and fashion industry, conversations about “peak cotton” are very much on the table, and will be a reality in the decades to come. How can cotton even peak? The background to this is that the middle class worldwide is increasing – a segment in society that can...
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Win-win in the age of down-sizing and innovation

We all read about the development towards cost-effectiveness and lay-offs that seems to haunt large companies throughout the western world. As large enterprises close their Research and Development units, possibilities open up for small start-ups, hubs and academia to come in with new solutions. Peter Alberius, Head of International Business...
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