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By linking science and business within the areas of life science and materials science, The Bridge wants to make the world a little better.

The Bridge Summit 2020



Join the Countdown! TedxTheBridge 20.10.2020

The Bridge has been selected to contribute to TED Countdown!
Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action – just like The Bridge.
TEDxTheBridge live streamed talk is one of hundreds of TEDx events taking place across the world during two weeks, starting on 10.10.2020.
What you get:
• An opportunity to join a community of change makers
• A chance to make impact now
• International top speakers

We will livestream the session here and on Facebook, join the Facebook-event to get more info!



Program TEDxTheBridge

20.10.2020 at 12:00-13:15 CET

Protect our forests to be our heroes
Nicole Rycroft from Canopy shows how working with all stakeholders can turn forests into a truly sustainable climate hero.

To save the climate, we have to reimagine capitalism
Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Business School.

Making the new story for air travel fly
Mattias Goldmann from Sweco highlights the fact that air travel needs a new story for when and how to fly in the future.

Reducing air pollution in New Delhi
Prarthana Borah from Clean Air Asia talks about the air pollution in New Delhi and how local action can be scaled into big impact.

Consumer demand for a low carbon food value chain
Erik Lindroth from Tetra Pak about the need for collaboration to achieve a low carbon value chain for food.

Climate action with household waste
Rupali Mehra from Content People gives us an understanding for how cities and NGOs can work with the households to manage 5000 tons of household waste per day in Bangalore.

The city planting a million trees in two years
Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, Mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The Bridge Summit 2020

Wednesday October 7 was all about the new economy
and the global challenges that we want to solve.
Watch The Bridge Summit Economy session!
Read more about the Summit and watch all sessions

The Bridge Summit 2020 – The New Economy from Altitude Meetings 1 on Vimeo.




The Bridge – What we do

The Bridge is a global impact creator.
We find solutions to complex challenges for companies, people or communities through unique methods of collaboration and a network of brilliant people all over the world.
We work with private companies, national and international organisations, NGO:s, researchers, institutes, regions and public sectors.

The Bridge – Why we succeed

We succeed because of who we are as a team, our global network, and the way we work. But also because we represent a new impact logic. Facing a complex challenge, we focus on the most important steps that can be taken directly – today.
The means to solve major challenges are always people, knowledge and connections. But every collaboration will fail that doesn’t fully answer the question why the participants should engage. This is where our method excels. It gives every participant a clear picture of what they can gain from being a part of the puzzle and makes the next steps possible.
We always work across sectors and take enormous advantage of our diversified network.


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