About The Bridge

The Bridge universe and how it expands

Deeply rooted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, The Bridge join forces with academics and businesspeople to find solutions to major challenges for regions, communities, companies and people. We work closely with national and international organizations, private companies, NGOs, institutes and public sector. Around the globe.

The Bridge, as well as it’s mothership Altitude Meetings, operate from the Greater Copenhagen area. The region is home of the two state of the art research laboratories MAX IV and ESS, which play an important role in The Bridge’s vision and effort to create impact. At MAX IV and ESS, project-owners can test and evaluate ideas and innovations that push sustainable development to new levels. Almost at the speed of light.

The Bridge is part doer, part facilitator and part influencer. The work we do addresses a world without borders, or limits for that matter. Our vision is to reach beyond the status quo, create impact now, and help move the world down a better path than to date. Step by step. Challenge by challenge. For the wellbeing of the planet and life on it.

The Bridge was initiated in 2015 by Invest in Skåne, Region Skåne, Medicon Village, Region Hovedstaden (The Capital Region of Denmark), CR Competence, Altitude Meetings and the research laboratories MAX IV and ESS.