What we do and who we are

The Bridge Forum is on a mission to tackle humanity’s most urgent global challenges to find the solutions for tomorrow. By linking science and business within the areas of life science and materials science, The Bridge Forum wants to make the world a little better. Step by step, in a constantly moving process.

What we do

1. We create business opportunities
We have a unique method, which allows us to gather different stakeholders and build the puzzle of competence that is needed to get results.
We call this The Bridge Markets. Today, we have 14 ongoing projects all over the world. The Bridge Markets means two things: great business opportunities and great opportunities to solve big problems. The Bridge Markets can also be the arena for your own challenges.

2. We provide an amazing network
We connect people. This is the base of everything we do. Researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, policy makers, thinkers, politicians (and many more) who want to collaborate – we can connect them all with you.

3. We give you knowledge you need
We have activites all around the year. The Bridge Interviews and The Bridge Talks provides you with deep insights on all things related to sustainability challenges and leadership. Our Future Dinners are exclusive happenings where fantastic food meets thought-provoking discussions about the future. We can guarantee that you have never experienced anything like it before.

4. We have a fantastic summit
The Bridge Summit is where we tie everything we have done together: our The Bridge Markets, our network and our knowledge from The Bridge Talks and The Bridge Interviews. Our next summit is October 8-9, 2020, in Lund.

Joining the Bridge Forum as a member means that you become a part of all this.

Who we are

The Bridge Forum is based in the Greater Copenhagen area. Here, you find the world’s most advanced science centers MAXIV and ESS. With 14.000 researchers, 17 universities and colleges of higher education and 19 science parks and innovation hubs in the region – anything is possible.
With our ever growing network and our own unique method, we can solve challenges addressed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A better health for all, sustainable energy, clean water. Let’s make it happen.

The Bridge Summit year 2020  will be held at Medicon Village, stay tuned for more info.