What we do and who we are

The Bridge Forum is on a mission to tackle humanity’s most urgent global challenges to find the solutions for tomorrow. By linking science and business within the areas of life science and materials science, The Bridge Forum wants to make the world a little better. Step by step, in a constantly moving process.

What we do

We offer a platform for people to meet, and together identify, understand and solve these challenges. Our monthly The Bridge Talks and Interviews offers inspiration, knowledge sharing and disruptive business models. Through The Bridge Method, we get companies, organizations and academia to meet and start collaborating. And every other year, we present the results, new cooperations and solutions at the The Bridge Summit.

Who we are

The Bridge Forum is based in the Greater Copenhagen area with the most advanced state of the art science centers MAXIV and ESS that focus on life and materials sciences; and with 14.000 researchers, 17 universities and colleges of higher education and 19 science parks and innovation hubs in the region. Adding our ever growing network with brains from all over the world we have a world leading platform to actually start solving challenges addressed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals like health, sustainable energy, clean water, and new materials.

The Bridge Summit year 2020  will be held at Medicon Village, stay tuned for more info.