Are you ready to try a solution to Copenhagens air pollution?

While visiting The Bridge you get 30 free minutes behind the wheels of an electric car with Green Mobility.

Copenhagen has since 2010 exceeded the limits set for Nitrogen dioxide (NO2). NO2 is mainly an exhaust of old diesel fuelled vehicles. In spite of CO2-neutral gas buses on the busiest lines, many of the buses in Copenhagen are still running on diesel. This has led to a formal notice from the EU for not reaching the goals and the centre of Copenhagen is one of the most affected areas.

What solutions do we have? In 2006 an anti-air-pullution law in Germany stated that Diesel cars not meeting requirements, are not allowed in certain environmental zones in Berlin as well as in cities throughout the county. Thus eliminating the worst polluting cars from urban areas.

Another solution to both air pollution and traffic congestion is car pools with electric cars. GreenMobility operates 400 electric cars in Copenhagen, which you locate and unlock via a smartphone app. Since the cars are shared, a fewer number of cars will circulate the city and of course, no old diesel motors.

– GreenMobility was conceived as an international player from the very beginning. We have experienced strong interest from a number of cities throughout Europe, which is no surprise given the positive impact eco-friendly electric city cars have on noise, pollution and traffic congestion, says CEO Torben Andersen.

The company has identified 60 potential cities that may be compatible with the concept and GreenMobility has an ambition to be represented in 20 cities in 2021 primarily via franchise.

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