Climate positive buildings

Buildings, with their long life span, are great structures to absorb and capture carbon and energy. The Bridge connects materials research, construction companies, timber producers, energy companies and control systems to make this happen.

Industrial adhesives

Construction adhesives are vital components in product-based industries like automotive and furniture. Producing them from renewable feedstock significantly reduces producers’ environmental footprint. The Bridge Forum is calling upon relevant stakeholders to engage.

Advanced therapies

Cell and gene therapies are keys to make advanced healthcare affordable across the world. Bridging production development projects in Sweden and the UK with clinical research in regional healthcare, speeds up the development of new solutions.


Reducing number of cars in city centers is crucial for urban environments to develop sustainably. Drivers, public transport, shop owners, city planners and real estate owners, explore solutions that bridge all participating incentives to meet the goals.

Stormwater Resilience

Designing urban environments for better handling of stormwater, calls for many different stakeholders to work together. The Bridge brings together real estate owners, municipal water utilities, rescue services and materials research together for collaborative solutions.

Proactive health – Food for Children

Turning the tide on child obesity is one of our biggest challenges for a sustainable future. The Bridge gathers food producers, pre-schools, foodtech startups, academia and healthcare providers, to align their incentives for new products, services and venues.