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Do you have an urgent challenge, a big vision or a great idea that you want to explore and develop, but wonder about your next move? Just by reading this you have taken an important step forward.

Yasemin Arhan Modéer


Her vision is to find new disruptive solutions to the world societal challenges, both social and climate. Through well designed meetings and processes, where a mix of people are invited, she believes new innovations and solutions can be found. Yasemin has a master in political science with a major in international relations. Her firm belief is that by treating every individual equally and understanding what each person can bring to the table, the world will find solutions to the challenges we are facing.

+46 (0)709 92 80 48

Jonas Klevhag

Business Development

Jonas is a passionate business developer and entrepreneur for an improved world. His combined backgrounds with a M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a freelance career as a scriptwriter for television, has been instrumental in developing the tools for collaboration, today summarized as The Bridge Method. He is a true believer that sustainability is achieved through collaboration by stakeholders that know their respective skills and incentives and mutually agree on the quantifiable values of a good enough solution.

+46 (0)703 12 30 64