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The Bridge Talk #30 – Ylva S Åqvist

The Bridge Lunch Talk

Next up after the The Bridge Talk on environmental impact of heavy commercial transport, we focus on the impact of private transport – specifically cars driving to and from residential and office buildings.

Passenger cars account for almost 61 % of the total road transport CO2 emissions in Europe and despite technical development a reduction is not close. But there are ways to reduce it. One is called mobility!

Ylva S Åqvist is the managing director of Plan M, a Swedish mobility-consultant firm that help architects and property developers to create buildings that are less dependent on car-usage and instead designed to motivate people to use non-fossil transports. In this talk Ylva S Åqvist will explain how mobility principles can contribute to the necessary shift from car focus to mobility focused planning, what we need to do and how real estate companies and the society can benefit from it.

Ylva S Åqvist has had mobility and the sustainable city as her driving force and field of work for the past 15 years, 10 of them at the municipality level and 5 as the founder and consultant at PlanM.

You will learn more about
– What mobility on property level is, and why it is important
– How the building and planning sector can be a part of the transition
– The benefits for real estate companies and for our cities


18 February, 2021

12:00 - 13:00