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The Bridge Talk #8 – Karolina Östbring

The earth gets warmer and warmer and it puts demands us as consumers. If environmental goals are to be achieved, a number of changes must be made. One change may be to choose foods that cause lower emissions of greenhouse gases, to choose herbal foods rather than meat. We should also take a look at the residual currents in agriculture and the food industry and see if there is more to eat than is used today. If yesterday’s expression was “from nose to tail”, the future is rather “from root to top”, where the overall idea is expanded to also apply to vegetables and edible plants. Karolina Östbring is a researcher at Lund University, and explains how rapeseed from Swedish rapeseed oil can be used as an alternative to soybean food in the future.


12 October, 2017

08:00 - 09:00