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The Bridge Talks to COP26: Skanska

The construction industry is facing enormous challenges in the coming years. It is estimated that more will be built in the world during the next 40 years, than so far in the entire history of mankind. This in its self is enough to overshoot the targets in the Paris agreement.

Skanska is the leading international construction company with headquarters in Sweden. They have the solutions, but on the fragmented global arena it is hard to scale throughout the value chain. The climate reports are unanimous in that we need to speed up an emission-free transitions. So how do you scale these solutions on a fragmented and conservative market?

Listen to Emilia Hagberg Kuylenstierna, Skanska, Petra Menander Åhman, The Swedish Foreign Ministry, Frank van Steenbergen, Meta Meta and Torborg Chetkovich, CapMan Infra reflect on how to unlock a sustainable future.


21 October, 2021

12:00 - 13:00