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March 2021


The Bridge webinar on Corporate Taxation and Social Responsibility

March 17 09:00 - 10:30

Joint webinar with Sustainable Future Hub at Lund University School of Economics and Management An essential condition for being able to finance the implementation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and to secure sustainability work…

April 2021



April 27 - April 29

It has been 5 years since the Paris agreement was signed. How is the world, Sweden, your company doing when it comes to reaching the 1.5 degree global warming target?

Previous Events
Feb 18 2021

The Bridge Talk #30 – Ylva S Åqvist

The Bridge Lunch Talk Next up after the The Bridge Talk on environmental impact of heavy commercial transport, we focus on the impact of private transport – specifically cars driving to and from residential and…

Feb 5 2021

The Bridge Talk #29 – Andreas Follér

Transport is the second largest source of global CO2 emissions and currently contributes with nearly a quarter of global emissions. To reach the Paris climate target, it is essential to fully decarbonise heavy commercial transport.…

Dec 11 2020

The Bridge Digital Talk #28 – Richard Johnsson

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Nov 13 2020

The Bridge Digital Talk #27 – Tobias Linné

Cellular Agriculture is a revolutionary technology that can change, not only the way we produce food in the future, but our whole conception of what food is and can be. Considering the climate and environment…

Oct 20 2020


TedxTheBridge On Tuesday Oct 20, The Bridge joined the TED Countdown, a global inititative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. Listen when some of our fantastic Bridge Summit…

Oct 7 2020

The Bridge Summit 2020: Free of Charge!

A new way of thinking – and taking action! 2020 has taught us how to do things in a new way. Bringing this with us and building on our award-winning version of #insteadofalmedalen, we are…

Aug 25 2020

The Bridge Breakfast at Medicon Village!

This year, The Bridge Summit will be held at Medicon Village in Lund. Why not join us for a breakfast at Medicon Village after the summer already? August 25, Jonas Klevhag from The Bridge will present The…

Mar 24 2020

The Bridge Talk #22: Eva Vati

Integrera hållbarhetsmålen i din företagsstrategi – nå längre! Möt Eva Vati, grundare av Vati of Sweden, för ett inspirerande föredrag om affärsmöjligheterna som är länkade till FN:s globala hållbarhetsmål. Företag som använder sig av hållbarhetsmålen…

Nov 29 2019

The Bridge Talk #21 – Lise Arleth

Welcome to The Bridge Talk #21 with Lise Arleth from Copenhagen University! When: November 29 2020, 8.30-9.30 (Coffee and pastries from 8.00) Where: MaxIV, Fotongatan 2, 224 84 Lund This talk is free. Neutrons, X-rays…

Oct 25 2019

The Bridge Interview #8 – Tom Erixon

The Bridge Interview #8 – Tom Erixon, Alfa Laval. Note: This interview will be held in Swedish. Alfa Laval fick toppbetyg när Dagens Industri och Aktuell hållbarhet i fjol rankade hur 109 börsbolag arbetar med…

Oct 3 2019

Bridge Talk #20 – Philip Warkander

Fashion, consumption and sustainability – an unsolvable combination? The fashion industry has an enormous impact on the climate. The average Swede buys 13 kilos clothes every year – and throws away 8. Is fashion and…

Sep 23 2019

The Bridge Talk #19 – Gautam Ramdurai

How to improve and be creative Part of the responsibility of leading a team of creators as well as a complex business is constantly looking for ways to improve.  But often, we look outside for…

Jun 25 2019

Bridge Workshop on Early Diagnoses in Healthcare

In most areas of healthcare an earlier diagnosis has the potential to significantly reduce both costs and patient suffering. Complex kidney care, antibiotics resistance, fall prevention among elderly, cancer, rheumatic diseases and diabetes are examples…

Jun 25 2019

The Bridge Talk #18 – Aydogan Ozcan

Dr. Aydogan Ozcan is the Chancellor’s Professor at UCLA and an HHMI Professor with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, leading the Bio- and Nano-Photonics Laboratory at UCLA Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering Departments. He is also the…

May 28 2019

The Bridge Talk #17 – Clara Norell

Industrial hemp: bio-based, sustainable and renewable Clara Norell, a creative innovator with a strong network that spans the world. Clara is a construction engineer – educated in Sweden, at Malmö University, as well as a civil…

May 13 2019

The Bridge Interview #7 – Annie Lööf (C)

En av sju punkter i Januariavtalet handlar om miljö och klimat, men vilken plats har de egentligen i Sveriges nya politiska landskap? Den frågan ställde ekonomi- och hållbarhetsjournalisten Thomas Frostberg till Annie Lööf (C) i…

Apr 16 2019

The Bridge Talk #16 – Henrik Ny

Henrik Ny, Senior Lecturer at Blekinge Institute of Technology, will talk about sustainable transport, energy systems and guide us through methodologies for strategic sustainable development. In 2010-2015 Henrik started and ran the first phase of…

Mar 6 2019

The Bridge Talk #15 – Rustan Nilsson

Lets talk about waste, baby! Rustan Nilsson works as an Environmental Educator at Sysav and he gives inspirational talks on the theme “Waste, Consumption and Sustainable Development”. With our waste as a starting point, Rustan explores…

Jan 30 2019

The Bridge Summit January 30-31

The third edition of The Bridge Summit – The marketplace for global sustainable business, will take place at STUDIO Malmö, 2019 January 30-31 . The Bridge Summit is open for all of you who want to do…

Nov 20 2018

The Bridge Talk #14 – Susanne Arvidsson

Susanne Arvidsson, guides us through on how the largest stock companies work and how to work with sustainability as a business case integrated into the business model. She will also highlight how risk management can…

Nov 19 2018

Fabrics & Fashion

Textile is the industry with the second largest global impact on environment. Therefore sustainability has become a trend in fashion not only among the brands and manufacturers, but also among the consumers. The Bridge Forum…

Nov 16 2018

The Bridge Interview #5 with Jesper Brodin

”Symboliska förflyttningar räcker inte. Vi måste titta på hela verksamheten och säga vad som krävs för att vi ska kunna leverera vår del”, säger Ikeas koncernchef Jesper Brodin. I ett samtal om hållbarhet med journalisten…

Oct 2 2018

The Bridge Interview #4 with Bonas vd Kerstin Lindell

”Är du i näringslivet ska du bidra med lönsamma innovationer”. Det säger Bonas vd Kerstin Lindell. Hur man lyckas med det tog ekonomi- och hållbarhetsjournalisten Thomas Frostberg på sig att reda ut i ett möte…

Aug 31 2018

The Bridge Talk #13 – Åsa Skogström Feldt

IKEA AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP   ABOUT Åsa Skogström Feldt, former CEO of The Hunger Projects, is currently leading the Inter IKEA Social Entrepreneurship Initiative. Åsa Skogström Feldt is passionate about sustainable development in all its…

Jun 1 2018

The Bridge Talk #12 – Swaminathan Ramanathan

The Bridge Talk #12 – The Quantum City as a Living Organism: Chaos, Madness & the Method Behind It. A talk on sustainability, resilience and the future of cities! We need to change the ‘design’…

Apr 26 2018

The Bridge Interview #3 with Karolina Skog

Klimatengagemanget är större än någonsin, samtidigt dalar Miljöpartiets opinionssiffror. ”Varför?” frågade ekonomi- och hållbarhetsjournalisten Thomas Frostberg miljöminister Karolina Skog (MP) i ett möte arrangerat av The Bridge Forum. Samtalet kom att handla om vattendelaren flygskatt,…

Apr 6 2018

The Bridge Talk #11 Josefine Olsson

The Bridge Talk #11 Sustainability x FashionTech What can we learn on the future of sustainable fashion by looking at 2600 ideas from 151 countries? The Global Change Award is an innovation challenge by H&M…

Mar 7 2018

The Bridge Talk #10 Cintia Bertacchi Uvo

Climate variability vs. Climate Change: Do you know what is what? The global average temperature has broken several records in the latest years and climate has been getting warmer year after year. Should we expect…

Feb 7 2018

The Bridge Interview #2 with Carola Lemne

”Hur hållbart är ert ledarskap?” frågade Thomas Frostberg Svenskt Näringslivs vd Carola Lemne under The Bridge Interview #2. Samtalet kom att handla om hur Sverige kan exportera sitt hållbarhetstänk, vad politikens roll är och hur…

Dec 6 2017

The Bridge Interview #1 with Mikael Damberg

”Om man ska få hållbarhet att hända måste ju någon ta ledningen” konstaterade Thomas Frostberg i ett samtal med näringsminister Mikael Damberg (S) om hållbart ledarskap, arrangerat av The Bridge Forum. Samtalet kom att handla…

Nov 14 2017

The Bridge Talk #9 – Annika Olsson

The packaging – a necessary pain? Myths and truths about packaging. Food waste is a major challenge for society and for the food industry. Only in Sweden we spend 1.2 million tonnes of food each…

Oct 12 2017

The Bridge Talk #8 – Karolina Östbring

The earth gets warmer and warmer and it puts demands us as consumers. If environmental goals are to be achieved, a number of changes must be made. One change may be to choose foods that…

Sep 8 2017

The Bridge Talk #7 – Mark McClure and Gary Hampson

Trail-based tourism and recreation is expected to increase significantly in Skåne in the future. How can you create durable leads to better handle the increased pressure and wear that this will lead to? Lecturers Mark…

May 30 2017

The Bridge Talk #6 – Ola Alterå

Circular economy has become stronger in recent years and is seen by many as a solution to many of the environmental problems we are facing today. Last year, the government issued a survey on how…

Apr 27 2017

The Bridge Talk #5 – Svante Axelsson

Sweden will be one of the world’s first fossil-free welfare countries. Not only because it is morally right with respect to future generations, but because it makes economic sense. Svante Axelsson, appointed by the Swedish…

Apr 19 2017

The Bridge Talk #4 – Danielle Ehrlich

How does sustainable urban development begins with human behaviors. How can interaction in the physical space enable engagement that drives a change? Danielle Ehrlich tells us how we through shared experiences can discover valuable perspectives…

Apr 4 2017

The Bridge Talk #3 – Paola Hjelt

Paola Hjelt, who until recently was the Director of Global Changemakers, a network of young social entrepreneurs and activists supported by the British Council. Prior to that, she was a Fellow at the World Economic…

Mar 30 2017

The Bridge Talk #2 – Mikael Karlsson

Mikael Karlsson is senior advisor at 2050, co-president of the European Environmental Bureau, and former chairman of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. He talked about climate change and business and how to turn a…

Jan 11 2016

The Bridge Talk #1 – Michael Braungart

Michael Braungart is a true visionary environmental thinker. He currently holds the Cradle-to-Cradle chair at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands and has long been involved with research and consultancy for eco-effective products – products…