The Bridge Summit 2020

The Bridge Summit
October 7, 2020, Lund/online

A new way of thinking – and taking action!
2020 has taught us how to do things in a new way. Bringing this with us and building on our award-winning version of #insteadofalmedalen, we are proud to present this year’s version of The Bridge Summit.

October 7 as a starting point!
Wednesday October 7 was all about the new economy and the challenges that we want to solve. We brought you top speakers, business opportunities and real challenges to engage with from all over the world. This was the starting point for a series of workshops that will take place during the fall.

Follow-up workshops during the fall – with an international megaphone
The Summit was a the starting point for a number of workshops, where we connect globally and dive deeper into the challenges. This is the opportunity to go from talk to business and make a real impact. There is one Bridge Market for each challenge, and we will use The Bridge Method as the tool.

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Watch the broadcast from The Bridge Summit 7th Oct