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Investing climate-friendly, an obvious way forward
Benchmarking around the world


Our Beloved Cities – collaborations for more quiet and clean urban mobility by Ragn-Sells


Cities as driving forces




Introduction by Jakob Lagercrantz


Elonroad: Electric roads – the new way towards sustainable mobility


Stratiteq: Crowd management data and its environmental impact


The Swedish 2030-secretariat: Fueling the transition to a decarbonized transport sector



Introduction by Anna Stenstam


Elis: Stop buying. Start renting – how to make access economy the new norm




City of Malmö/Smart Fashion City: The challenges of closing the loop in future textile production



Introduction by Zitouni Ould-Dada and Olga Grönvall Lund


Oatly: The future is plant-based! Leading the way in the consumer-powered food revolution


Orkla: Ways to increase the demand for recycled plastic raw materials
Short version


Orkla: Full version 


Nestlé: 1000 small steps of collaboration – how to implement a global roadmap locally



Introduction by Mattias Goldmann


Collaborations boost energy transformation in sustainable and climate neutral cities


Hydrogen – the revolutionary next step in energy transition


City of Malmö
How cities can gain from sustainable hydrogen energy systems



Introduction by Tony Clark


Reusing building materials – the real brick in the wall


EU taxonomy – how new rules make sustainability competitive


City of Malmö & The Swedish Waste Management Association
Waste is the future



Introduction by Mattias Goldmann


Partnering with customers to build new sustainable business models
Stena Fastigheter


Ground-breaking solutions for climate-smart houses


Buildings with net zero climate footprint – yes really!
Hyllie Terass Skanska


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