We create business opportunities by addressing real challenges!

We have a unique method, which allows us to gather different stakeholders and build the puzzle of competence that is needed to get results.
We call this The Bridge Markets. Today, we have 14 ongoing projects all over the world. The Bridge Markets means two things: great business opportunities and great opportunities to solve big problems. The Bridge Markets can also be the arena for your own challenges.

We have developed the Bridge Markets together with stakeholders in 14 cities, such as São Paulo, Bangalore, Helsingborg, Lusaka, Kyoto and Ostrava. Below you see a list of the projects we are working on.


Solid waste to energy

A need to turn 500 tonnes of municipal solid waste per day into heat, electricity and methane.

Household waste as a key source

A need to turn household waste into a key sources of energy for Bangalore.

Garbage collection in Lusaka

A need for a sustainable and viable system for collecting and turning of municipal solid waste into sustainable resource.

From waste to resource

A need to turn 330 tonnes of waste per day into energy and recycled material.

Smart transportation for the millions

A need to serve 10 million more Bangalore citizens with environmentally friendly transportation.

Turning old mines into new gold

A need to close 6 000 old mines in an environmentally sustainable way and generate new community growth.

Household upgrade for waste water

A need to improve private home owner piping to avoid leakage of grey and black water into the rain water system.

New self-sustaining communities

A need för 8.000 sustainable new houses with schools, shops and some leaisure

Fewer chronic kidney patients

A need to discover potential kidney patients earlier before they need treatment with dialysis.

Healthy groundwater in Lusaka

A need to protect groundwater, preventing cholera outbreaks in the Lusaka’s municipal water system.

More eldercare for less resources

A need to reduce healthcare costs for a rapidly increasing elderly population.

Climate positive cement to food

A need to find takers of 200.000 tonnes of dry algae.

New materials from rice straw

A need to abolish the open burning of agricultural waste to improve air quality and avoid 200.000 premature deaths by 2050.

Turn waste into biogas

A need to produce 600.000 Nm3 per hour from available biowaste.

New applications for excess heat

A need for new viable applications and business models for utilizing 200 GWh/ year of low temperature excess heat from ESS and Max IV.

Hurricane resilience

A need to prepare and adapt for sea level rise and probable hurricane hit caused by climate change.

Jonas Klevhag about the challenges in Lusaka, Zambia