The Bridge Method

Creating forceful solutions through cross-field collaborations

Taking on sustainability challenges is not a solo sport. You need people to join forces with, and a method to make it happen. Luckily, that is exactly what we are offering.

At The Bridge, we are specialists in building and operating collaborations around sustainability challenges. The Bridge Method is designed to establish these colabs and guide them in their work to generate a pilot project. Every colab contains a network of people and/or organizations that orbit around a specific challenge, cooperating cross-field to come up with the best solution to it. All within months, rather than years.

The Bridge Method typically follows these steps:

SET THE STAGE – We kick off the creative work by framing your challenge and defining your goals. We identify the stakeholders, as well as resources within the Bridge Network that can be of help. We also look into how your challenge might connect to other existing colabs (or external stakeholders) that can contribute to your mission. A timeline and budget are set, and we get ready for the next step.

DEVELOP SOLUTIONS – Here the joint creativity of the colab is in full force, generating and visualizing a number of solutions. During this phase, new external contributors may emerge and are invited to join. From the suggested solutions, the one that answers best to your goals is chosen and decided upon before moving on to the final step.

MAKE IT HAPPEN – Together we build a prototype and draw up a pilot project plan. At a given date the pilot is launched, followed by intense and inspiring work to make it excel. Together we learn from mistakes and boost accomplishments. The pilot is eventually evaluated and – if turned out successful – elevated into full-scale-implementation.