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Clara Norell

Posted January 26, 2018

Clara Norell is a construction engineer – educated in Sweden, at Malmö University, as well as a civil engineer education in South Africa, at Cape Technikon Peninsula University. Claras primary focus and life-project is to target the water crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, starting with combating the water-drought in Cape Town by creating an innovative sustainable housing infrastructure for the Citys´ poorer population. Clara has been living on and off in Gugulethu, a township outside of Cape Town, since 2003 and thereby also first-hand experience of living without access to clean water. Clara has been a board-member of Swedish – Southern African Chamber of Commerce (SSACC) since it started 2013 and working as the Director of ISU – Institute of Sustainable Urban Development (a joint venture between Malmö University and Malmö City) since 2012. Claras spare time is all about music and family. XY Innovative Housing is a commercialization of her studies which can be found here: https://muep.mau.se/handle/2043/21356