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Hank Kune

Posted January 26, 2018

Hank Kune works with corporate, government and university organizations in projects supporting societal innovation and renewal, with a special emphasis on hands-on problem solving in complex social, societal and organizational situations. He has worked extensively with government organizations in the Netherlands, large companies in Japan, and diverse innovation initiatives in Europe and Asia. Hank is director of Educore BV, a Founding Partner of the Future Center Alliance, and a member of the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) and the New Club of Paris (a global network organization working as agenda developer for knowledge societies). In recent years, his work has focused on systemic and open innovation, and developing innovation-enabling environments for societal innovation. Hank is one of the pioneers of the Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation (ACSI), and has been its principle moderator since 2010. He has written extensively on orchestrating innovation ecosystems, innovation-enabling methodologies and critical success factors for public sector innovation. His work on dedicated innovation spaces has been influential in establishing and running Future Centers in several countries. In 2015 he co-founded International Initiatives for Societal Innovation (I2SI), an open network-based resource platform to bring people, ideas and information together for practitioners working to create a smarter, more sustainable society.