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Magnus Jörgel

Posted January 31, 2018

Magnus Jörgel has a background as officer in the Swedish Armed Forces, he holds a MA, and research training, from Kings College, London, and has acted as Senior Advisor to the Liberian Government in 2008-2010. Magnus have worked at the Swedish National Defence College as researcher, and have collaborated very closely with the Foreign Ministry, the Swedish International Development Agency and many other national and international bodies such as UN and EU. He has extensive knowledge from conflict areas in Africa, and have worked in places like Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone.
Magnus works as Senior Strategist at Region Skåne, with responsibility within both future studies and innovation systems, both on a national and international scene. As of lately Magnus is co-facilitating the national future process “Region 2050”. He has over 20 years’ experience working with policy, future studies and strategy on political level, with strong networks both in EU and Sweden.
Magnus experiences in many development countries in Africa gives him a unique ability to address challenges and opportunity in a high risk context. His experiences in conflict areas, with negotiations on political level in an international setting, together with long experience working with policy and strategy on political level, both nationally and internationally gives a very sound basis for acting as senior advisor on a number of issues, both for business and public organisations. Magnus is an experienced facilitator in a number of different contexts, ranging from societal innovation camps to conflict resolution and conflict prevention.
Magnus is since 2008 involved in a number of activities on societal innovation- how can we address and solve our global challenges-, latest is the platform “International Initiatives for Societal Innovation” (I2SI).