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Per Löfberg

Posted November 27, 2017

Per Löfberg grew up in Sweden, Abu Dhabi and Libya where he at an early age became conscious of different life conditions and global challenges. He is one of the two founders of Emerging Cooking Solutions Sweden AB, and has together with co-founder Mattias Ohlson  built the company from scratch to present day operations where 200 000 meals are cooked every month using their innovative combination of renewable fuel from biomass waste with gasifying heaters.

Per is also co-founder of environmental consultancy Vagga till Vagga AB, the first company to actively promote Cradle to Cradle principles and a circular economy in Sweden.  Vagga till Vagga was instrumental in the establishing C2C as a concept in Sweden, and  had among its customers IKEA, Chalmers,  LTH, The municipality of Ronneby and Malmö Stad.