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Ulrica Edlund

Posted November 27, 2017

Ulrica Edlund, Professor of Polymer Technology at Fibre and Polymer Technology, KTH, was rewarded a Ph.D. in Polymer Technology in 2000 followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. Since 2002, she is affiliated with KTH at Fibre and Polymer Technology. Her expertise comprises synthesis, surface modification, characterization and materials design of polymers, with special focus on the development of functional and advanced formulations and materials from renewable resources.

She has contributed to inventing and developing a new, non-destructive, one-step technique for the covalent surface modification of biomaterials. She is very active in the design of renewable functional materials for a sustainable future from terrestrial and marine biomass including forestry biomass, algae and agricultural residues. Inventions include renewable films, coatings, microspheres, and hydrogel formulations based on more or less purified non-cellulosic oligo- and polysaccharide rich fractions generated in commercial wood processing operations such as pulping (2 patents, 1 pending application).

She has received several awards, including the Nobel Foundation scholarship, and was in 2002 selected as one of the “outstanding young European scientists forming the future European network” by the European Polymer Federation. Ulrica was in 2010 awarded KTHs Teaching Award for outstanding efforts in undergraduate education.