Experiments for wellbeing as a method for city planning

Healthcare staff is a workgroup under high pressure and the pandemic has increased the workload even further. There is a great need for opportunities to recover as well as health-promoting activities in everyday life and at work. Real estate developer Atrium Ljungberg together with healthcare provider Region Skåne, union representatives and behavioral researchers from Mälardalen University, have joined forces to design urban interactions that can lead to increased well being among the hospital staff.

Challenge background

The way we build our cities is becoming a more and more important tool to ensure a sustainable future. By 2050, 75% of the world’s population is estimated to live in cities. This means we will need to get better at reducing health risks and lowering planet footprint in cities across the world.

Today’s city planners are looking for better ways to let the planning process include, not just what citizens say they want, but what the citizens actually want. Ultimately it is about the human interaction with the urban environment. Real estate developers, at the same time, are looking for ways to make their customers’ needs visible when bidding for projects.

Hospital staff are generally under high pressure and confirm the need for opportunities to recover and promote their well being integrated in their workflow. This corresponds to ideas and solutions available in both universities and the local SME community.

This teamplay is defining the scope for a pilot project that will test a number of urban experiments around a place adjacent to the hospital campus. The experiments will be designed to be accessible during normal coffee and lunch breaks in the hospital workflow.

The project is currently looking for funding partners, well being solution providers and healthy street food vendors to join the teamplay.

Why join?

You should seek to join this project:
– If you have solutions and ideas that you want to test on a highly motivated target group
– If you recognise the need for recovery and health-promoting activities in everyday and work and can quantify the value of a good enough solution.
– If you are a city or real estate developer that wants to explore how today’s planning processes can better promote sustainability.