Takeaways from the Bridge Digital Talks

Takeaways from Bridge Talk #23
Maria Svantemark, former Head of Sustainability at food producer Findus, emphasised the food industry’s heavy responsibility in the task to reduce its climate footprint. Today the consumers are too often pointed out as the ones that should make it happen. The producers, however, have a lot more to do to help the consumers make the right choice before they are off the hook. See the whole talk here.

Takeaways from Bridge Talk #24
Magnus Qvant from Nordic Urban Resilience Institute explained the concept of resilience as the ability to maintain societal functions during stress, regardless of whether the stress is sudden or chronic. He also suggested their resilience approach as a method to achieve sustainability. The pandemic context gave these ideas an extra shimmer of relevance. See the whole talk here.


Takeaways from Bridge Talk #25
Klas Hansson-Gladh, head of business development at GIAB, talked about how they have turned mobile phones insurance claims into a booming circular business where everyone wins. Consumer, insurance company, planet and GIAB. They are now expanding their circular know-how into office furniture and e-commerce, two areas that don’t seem to slow down their sustainable growth either. See the whole talk here.