In The Loop

Cultivating a culture of collaboration and sustainable storytelling

The Bridge by Altitude will be an integral part of the common facilities and collaborative culture in the first building to open in Science Village – Skanska’s The Loop.

The Loop will be the first building to open in Science Village, Lund, a part of the dynamic Greater Copenhagen Area where Scandinavia meets the world. With 4 million inhabitants, 17 universities and colleges of higher education, 14,000 researchers, 190,000 students, 19 science parks and innovation incubators, Greater Copenhagen offers Scandinavia’s most knowledge intensive research and business environment. It is also Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base for highly skilled employees.

Complementing the meeting spaces, co-working areas and the business center, The Bridge’s continuous development of team plays for sustainable collaboration brings methods, expertise and international networks to the house. This offers new business opportunities, research collaborations and a multitude of engaging and re-tellable stories of sustainability. The Bridge aims not just to set the culture in The Loop, but for The Loop to spawn the cross-disciplinary and collaborative culture of the entire community in and around Science Village. When in The Loop, don’t miss the chance to visit the Bridge Collaboration Arena on Level 2!

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