What we believe

Everything we do at The Bridge Forum and Altitude Meetings, we do because we believe that 1+1 must always have the ambition to be more than 2.
The outcome of any interaction should always be greater than the sum of its ingredients. Whether it’s just a meeting between two people, a conference with 500 delegates or a family of four, we think this is the most powerful underlying purpose.

We believe it’s a purpose in itself for humanity, because the alternatives are unthinkable.
If we don’t strive to be more together than we can be on our own, then society is not an idea anymore, it’s merely a fact.
We also consider it a purpose in itself for us as individuals.
If we can’t trust individuals, society or tomorrow, we die as interactive beings.

In the midst of this pandemic crisis, interaction has become quite the paradox.
On one hand we need to come together to fight it as one species. On the other hand we need to isolate ourselves to not be infected as individuals. It is more important than ever to keep both thoughts on our minds at the same time.

It’s trivial to communicate fearful messages about isolation. We don’t need more effort on that.
What the world cries for right now is new narratives that aren’t based on lack of trust or risk mitigation, but visions that make us believe that life can be greater than the sum of all things we put into it, simply because we believe in ourselves as a society. Instead of just being hijacked by bullies, we can believe that society actually can be magic.

We want to contribute to a society where 1+1 becomes more than 2, with meetings that aim higher. Where all participants reach their next level. Where not just the meeting, but every participant feels elevated and connected.
This is why we run The Bridge Agency and Altitude Meetings.

Jonas Klevhag, The Bridge Agency