When conversation fade

Crises like the one raging the world right now can often help sharpen our focus on what truly matters.
We believe that meetings and dialogue between people are such life necessities. If we stop meeting, exchanging thoughts, ideas and opinions, then we are in big trouble as a society.
When the conversations fade out or are postponed to later, we also loose the collective confidence in ourselves and in our future.
The confidence that, among other things, are reflected in the financial markets. Most of us have probably also, to varying degrees, already felt the societal depression on a personal level.

If we are to stay on the bicycle and not wobble off the road too violently on our way through this pandemic, we need to continue the conversations with a steady aim in the horizon beyond the pandemic. Not anxiously glancing at what others are doing or thinking, but with objective and constructive faith in the future.

The world has already shown its ability to adapt fast, although this slowdown will be difficult to sustain over time.
In a couple of weeks the emissions in cities have been reduced by 30% just due to less traffic. When the wheels start spinning faster again, impact on the planet will increase as well, but it would be incredibly unworthy of us as a thinking species, to not even try to recover without sustaining the lower levels.

By connecting and continuing the conversations we build trust in each other and in tomorrow and together we can remain innovative and actionable. So how can we continue to meet, discuss, make a living and make life better, while at the same time making sure we don’t exceed the planet’s boundaries? Now there’s a creative challenge for our time.

Jonas Klevhag, The Bridge Agency