Why do we need to #GetReadyforCOP26?

We have all heard about the annual COP meetings and occasionally picked up a message or two from the media coverage. Most of us recognise that the climate issues are real and deserve our untiring attention. And most of us regard the top level meetings as way above the everyday conversations at home over breakfast.

Nevertheless, we also know that most of our employers, colleagues and friends are involved in strategies and action plans to make things happen that will deliver on the promises made in the Paris agreement signed already 5 years ago.

So what does it mean that COP26 did not happen as planned in November 2020? It means that the world looses an opportunity to restate the sense of urgency and create awareness among its citizens. And this is a pity because we don’t have a lot of engagement or time to loose. This is why we believe it is important to present how we are doing, what is being done, what more can be done and what stands in the way for this to happen. This is why we have brought multinational companies and startups, cities and regions, world leaders and NGOs together for three days under the digital conference hashtag #getreadyforCOP26.

We want to give the world the opportunity to be twice as ready for COP26 as we would have been last year.